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i just cross processed a roll of Fuji Velvia 100…and the results came out pretty gnarly.  i think its weird that most of the shots came out VERY red, especially considering fuji usually brings out the blues and greens. 

this is a street shot from las vegas of a street performer on the strip.

camera:  Canon Snappy LX
film:  cross process Fuji Velvia 100 

Here is the same photo taken on two different cameras.

shot 1:  iPhone 4S/Instagram via Xpro [cross processed] filter

shot 2:  Canon Canonflex RM using Fuji Velvia 50F, cross processed in C-41.

i felt like doing some iphone photography today instead of film photography.  today, i experimented with iOS6’s panoramic feature and thought a little outside the box by skewing perspective.

got a new underwater camera since my Weathermatic broke.  this one got slightly exposed when i opened the back realizing the film wasn’t completely winded.  but man this shot came out pretty nice.  the light leak balances out the blues.

camera:  Hanimex Amphibian
film:  Kodak Ultramax 400 

Leopard Sharks in La Jolla, CA.  very peaceful and shy creatures.  

camera:  Minolta Weathermatic Dual 35
film:  expired Fuji Superia 200 

why i shoot film

just a cautionary tale for anybody trying to use Fuji Velvia 50F…the film is AMAZING for summertime, because you can capture images in bright sunlight without the shots getting blown out.  the grains are VERY fine, giving you a very high definition image…but the only downside is that the shadows come out very crisp too…almost to the point of black.  SO REMEMBER, if you decide to shoot with this film, be conscious of your light source and shadows.

camera:  Canon Canonflex RM
film:  Fuji Velvia 50F 

here is a shot from the Berkeley Kite Festival this past weekend.  i usually shoot with color negatives, but i love the vibrant colors of slide films.  with this one, i got it cross processed…and it looks like aura photography, which is totally fitting given the famous hippie culture of berkeley.  i think it is just an interesting chemical reaction resulting from the cross-processing of the film.  

camera:  Canon Canonflex RM
film:  cross-processed Fuji Velvia 50F 

an accidental half exposure from the first shot on the roll of film.  this is pioneer monument in San Francisco, CA.

camera:  Canon Canonflex RM
film:  cross processed Fuji Velvia 50F 

a view of the cliffs at La Jolla Cove, near Children’s Pool.

camera:  Minolta Weathermatic Dual 35
film:  expired Fuji Superia 200