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FINALLY FINISHED MY CAMERA!!!  i am naming it “The Byclops”…after the greek mythological figure born with the hideous deformity of having two eyes.  this is a work of art, if i do say so myself.  the kit came with some crappy parts, so i cut and sanded down some material i found lying around the house…like a glass mirror from a make-up kit, a transparent memory card case, and the old thrift store cameras from previous posts.  …also notice in the upper-right corner:  COLOR GELS…meaning i can tint the color of the flash.  i can’t wait to use this camera. 

the best part about the camera itself though…is that its 35mm, meaning i get more shots than if i were using 120mm film…and it does double exposures.  which is fun to play around with. [see my cinco de mayo post]

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