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an abandoned train track in san diego reclaimed by nature and vagabonds.

camera:  Canon Canonflex RM
film:  expired Fuji Superia 200 35mm 

a really small patch of flowers next to a miniature forest down the street from me.  these are EVERYWHERE.  its only recently that i’ve started noticing them.

camera:  Canon Canonflex RM
film:  expired ISO 200 Fuji Superia [35mm] 

please visit to see the whole series in sequence.  

this is the story of a bookworm needing relief from the rigors of academic life.  she escapes into the wilderness to unwind, but ultimately returns to the concrete jungle.

cameras:  Canonflex RM, Holga 120 CFN, The Byclops
film:  expired 35mm 200 ISO, Fuji Reala 100 ISO 120mm [for the Holga]
other:  vivitar 252 flashgun + color gels