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please visit to see the whole series in sequence.  

this is the story of a bookworm needing relief from the rigors of academic life.  she escapes into the wilderness to unwind, but ultimately returns to the concrete jungle.

cameras:  Canonflex RM, Holga 120 CFN, The Byclops
film:  expired 35mm 200 ISO, Fuji Reala 100 ISO 120mm [for the Holga]
other:  vivitar 252 flashgun + color gels 

this is probably the ONLY roll of black & white film that i’ve ever shot.  i’m interested in shooting b&w again, but it’s not my thing.  i just really enjoy color.  it stems from one of my favorite painters who says he doesn’t like limiting himself to using only a few colors, so he uses them ALL.

cinco de mayo in san diego via the Holga.  this is me playing around with double exposures.  i will probably do one last roll on the Holga then i will be switching to a new toy camera afterwards.  i hope you enjoy the photos. :]

i wanna learn model photography, specifically with film.  these are shots i took a loonnnnng time ago with an experienced model.  i was still a newbie at the time.  

shot on a Holga.

just found out the soft surround filters for my Holga fit on my Canonflex!!!!!  the artistic potential for the Canonflex has just increased. :] :] :]

i’m really happy i have an outlet to post my photography…an outlet where people actually WANT to see it.  my instagram followers rock, and they seem to wanna see the Holga in action.  i’m gonna be experimenting with color flashes and double exposures.  i’ve had my color filters for the lens for a while…but just got the color gels to tint the flash to make my subjects turn different colors.  and every shot will be multiple exposures…something i never really do.  

its gonna be chaos.

oh, and i forgot to mention, i’m doing this project on May 5th….so with the clash of colors and ballet folklorico and flamenco dancers that may [hah!  ”may”] or may not be my subjects…this project will be entitled:  ”DISCO DE MAYO”   

a short documentary about the Holga.  it’s very well done.  it talks about the camera’s MANY flaws….but why its flaws make it such a good camera.  i will be posting more of my Holga shots in the future.  and i wanna bring it out again to experiment with double exposures.

shot on a Holga 120CFN, with a roll of 35mm awkwardly rolled onto the oversized spool.  [for those unfamiliar with film or the holga, it takes 120 film, not 35mm].  the result of the film being packed loosely in the camera….is this hot mess of colors. 

but you know what…it works.  some of the best pieces of art, were originally mistakes.