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"Collecting Souls Lost in the Shadows"

collecting souls through photography is something i enjoy doing.  for this mini-project of mine, i wanted to collect only their silhouettes.  here, you are unable to see the story or emotion in their faces…and can only assume their intentions based on the motions of their shadows.  this is a very somber collection of photos for me, because my cat just passed away.  everywhere i go, i see the shadow of where he used to be.

camera:  iPhone 4S
editing:  none 

i have alot of favorite subjects/themes to photograph.  one of my favorites is human emotion.  its so hard to capture it with my Canonflex [film SLR].  its very easy to sneak these shots with my iPhone 4S.  asking people for their photo results in poses and feigned smiles.  ….but armed with a 4S, a wide angle lens, and a sneaky trigger finger results in more interesting photos that make you wonder what is going on in your subject’s head.

shot with an iPhone 4S + wide angle lens.
edited using “Tiltshift Video” and “Pixlr-o-matic”